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mold me

helping teens reach their highest potential through emotional intelligence

mold me mission

We exist to enable teens to succeed regardless of their surroundings or environmental situations.

Academic education is important, but you must understand your personality and triggers, have self-confidence, and have the ability to work well with others in order to be happy and successful. Our workshops help teens identify character traits, develop positive habits when dealing with stress, and provide a trusting atmosphere to be themselves.

Our ultimate goal is to help students and young adults reach their highest potential by teaching character building, self-acceptance, thinking interdependently, and adapting to change life skills.

Kristin Rattler


I attended over 8 schools before the age of 18. The transition of having to change schools was tough. As an adult, I've also had to deal with tough transitions. I started living life stress-free and truly achieving my goals when I decided to be proactive about being emotionally intelligent (EI). I want to teach the EI methodology to teens to make their life easier and help them be the best they can be.

Meet our team

Kisha Jones


Growing up, I experienced parental abandonment and struggled with self-worth, healthy relationships and anxiety. This led to risky behaviors and low self-esteem. In adulthood, I became intrigued with psychology and how environments can affect a child's personality. This inspired me to educate myself on emotional intelligence and volunteer. Being a part of Mold Me has allowed me to help teens develop a stronger sense of self and establish healthy self-loving habits.


"We love to host Mold Me workshops for our teens. The Mold Me team really knows how to connect with the teens and make the workshops interactive."

~Destiny, Lead Recreation Specialist

Cimarron Recreation Center

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"I had so much fun in these workshops. I wish they were 4 months instead of 4 weeks!"

~Khloe, Workshop Attendee

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"These past two years have been very hard for the youth in our shelter and I'm very gratful that Mold Me sessions crossed our paths. The sessions really help establish a special foundation in which our girls can learn how to properly express themselves while getting to love who they are and understanding they have a purpose in life."

~E. Sosa, Engagement Coordinator

Promise House Dallas

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Our Partnerships

Promise House Dallas

Cimarron Recreational Center in Irving

Kimball High School

New Home Baptist Church

Irving Black Arts Council

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Awards & Recognition

In 2019, Mold Me was presented with the most prestigious business award from the City of Irving for consistently giving back to the community.

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